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Klassischen Süssigkeitenund desserts
MenÜ von der Karte
Weine, Biere und Getränke


Taroz reinterpretation

the Buon Ricordo speciality

€ 11

Blueberry and finferli mushroom risotto

with Sassella wine reduction and Casera cheese shavings

 € 18

Ceppo del boscaiolo – Lumberjack’s log

Slices of venison and pancetta, rolled around a mountain pine twig and cooked on the griddle

€ 17

A sweet slice of milk cake

 € 7


We have resized our portions to give our guests the chance to experience all our dishes.

€ 45


Plána da la fèsc’ta: galóṅ da bésc’cia, brasc’caròla, bondiöla, pancéta e salám da báita co paṅ da carcént e da séal e bidúl salè

“Tagliere della festa”, a board of authentic cured meats and breads from the Livigno gastronomic tradition, are all well described in the book: Violino di Capra or di Pecora (goat or sheep prosciutto), bresaola, coppa, pancetta, local salami, with Pan da Carcént, rye bread and salted butter

 € 13

Ravioli da pásc’ta al’öf implení da lughénia da sanch e salsa a la flór e ánasc

Egg pasta ravioli stuffed with black pudding, cream sauce and wild anise

 € 13

Pancéta da porcèl co tartúfol lés e pòtol

Pork belly confit in its sauce, with boiled potatoes and traditional Livigno polenta

€ 17

Èm féit al gelato col fén e cól polvíṅ

Hay ice cream

Paṅ da cól, ciacolát, poína e bága

Biscuits made with Pan da Col, ricotta from the dairy with chocolate chips and blueberries

 € 8  


We have resized our portions to give our guests the chance to experience all our dishes.

€ 50

TAST is a project that, as members of the Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association of Livigno, we are very passionate about, because it allows us to introduce our guests to the traditional local flavours we all love. Read our article to find out more.


KM 0

Polenta Taragna, melted cheese, pan fried porcini mushrooms with a sunny side up egg

 € 18,50 

Al cacciatore non far sapere – Hunter’s choice

Juniper venison tagliata, buckwheat polenta gnocchi with a creamy sauce of pine nuts and thyme.

€ 20

Ci vorrebbe il mare – Fisherman’s choice

Calamarata in fish amatriciana sauce, jar-cooked diced salmon with pink pepper and courgette spaghetti

 € 19


Bresaola from Livigno

classic or carpaccio style

€ 11 

Sciatt, baby chicory and pear

€ 12 

Selection of cured meats and cheeses

for one/two people

€ 10 / € 16

Valtellina Pizzoccheri cooked in the traditional pot

€ 12

wheat-free available if booked in advanced


Tagliolini with porcini mushrooms

 € 11

Manfrigole from Grosio

€ 10

Polenta Taragna or Liscia (no cheese, no butter)
made with flour from the Zamboni mill in Chiavenna

with venison salmis

€ 15

with pan fried porcini mushrooms

€ 15

with malga cheeses

 € 12

Tropical fruit cheesecake

with buckwheat crumble and tarragon


Zabaione cream, Cantucci biscuits and Mou with Vertemate wine


The white choice with fresh dairy yoghurt

wild berries and hazelnut biscuit


Chocolate flan with coffee

salted caramel sauce and fiordilatte ice cream


Cointreau-flavoured crème brûlée

with frozen blueberries, cherries and meringues


Pineapple carpaccio

with Gin & Tonic mousse

 € 7

Classic Italian Tiramisù

€ 6

Cake of the day

€ 6


at your choice: lemon, Braulio or Taneda

   € 5,5

Panna cotta or Crème Caramel

  € 5

Classic apple Strudel

with vanilla sauce

€ 6

Allergies and intolerances table

To keep the quality of food high, some products are deep frozen.

In case you suffer from any food allergies, please always inform our staff before ordering. Our cooks are always ready to satisfy all your requirements and needs, by using specific and certified foods and taking all the necessary precautions. In accordance with EU regulation 1169/2011 we invite our guests to tell us if they are allergic or intolerant to any foods or if they suffer from any food related illnesses so we can give you the best service possible.
List of substances or products causing allergies or intolerances:

  1. Cereals containing gluten, which is wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their derived products
  2. Crustaceans and products based on shellfish
  3. Eggs
  4. Fish and fish based products
  5. Peanuts and products containing peanuts
  6. Soybeans and products made from soy
  7. Milk and milk-based products (including lactose)
  8. Nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, Brazilian walnuts, pistachios, macadamia or Queensland nuts and their products
  9. Celery and products based on celery
  10. Mustard and products based on mustard
  11. Sesame seeds and products based on sesame seeds
  12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations above 10 mg / kg
  13. Lupin and products based on lupins
  14. Shellfish and products based on shellfish

Further pieces of information about products or the presence of substances causing allergies or intolerances are available by asking to the staff in service and you can have a look at the documentation that will be provided on request.